SHOW NOTES: Mark Walters- When good baritones go bad, AUO Episode 12

Mark Walters embracing one of his mentors, the legendary Sherrill Milnes.

Mark Walters embracing one of his mentors, the legendary Sherrill Milnes.

I’m so glad to call baritone Mark Walters a friend and a colleague.  He brings to each project a generosity that makes me excited to go to rehearsal.   He is one of the finest interpreters of the role of Don Giovanni, and in this interview he talks about making this role his own.  

One of the many admirable traits he exudes is a sense of gratitude for the people who have inspired and assisted him in his career pursuits.  In this episode he credits legendary artist Sherrill Milnes, who defined how a great baritone pursues his craft. That fact that Mr. Milnes is an American was particularly inspiring to Mark.  Luckily, Mr. Milnes is a well-recorded talent. I highly recommend a visit to his website  Not only has he given the world memorable performances, but he happily assists emerging artists with the skills and inspiration they need to focus their talent.

Mark is well-represented through his website and on youtube.  I highly recommend you spend some time listening and watching this fine talent.  You can find his website by going to

If you can catch Mark in performance, you will be rewarded with a wonderful treat! 


  1. I open and close every episode with the overture to CARMEN.  It’s an infusion of energy I crave.
  2. This is Mozart’s overture to DON GIOVANNI.  This music was taken from the finale of the opera and turned into an overture the very day of the premiere.
  3. This is Mark singing Giovanni’s famous serenade ‘Deh vieni alla finestra’.  Sorry, but this recording is not commercially available.  He is kind enough to allow us to listen to it on his website, however.
  4. A nod to Mark’s mentor, baritone Sherrill Milnes singing Giovanni’s ruthless aria ‘Fin ch’an dal vino’.  This is from a powerful recording conducted by Karl Böhm, with Mr. Milnes in the title role.  It is an excellent choice for complete opera library.  You can download it on iTunes by clicking here.