Danielle Pastin: Dishing with this Down-to-Earth Diva

Danielle Pastin is a soprano you want to know.  Her rich, lyric voice and radiant stage presence allows her mastery of a vast repertoire including Puccini, Verdi and Mozart, to name only a few of the composers she represents with distinction.   She has the additional talent of being a wonderful human.  We're proud to feature her in our inaugural HAPPY AMPER SPOTLIGHT!

Soprano Danielle Pastin, radiant as always.  She lights up our HAPPY AMPER SPOTLIGHT!

Soprano Danielle Pastin, radiant as always.  She lights up our HAPPY AMPER SPOTLIGHT!

This Thursday's AMPED UP OPERA episode features acclaimed stage director Bernard Uzan speaking with Douglas Kinney Frost about Bizet's masterpiece CARMEN.   Danielle has the unique opportunity of singing two roles in the opera as part of her repertoire- Micaëla and Frasquita, including performances at The Metropolitan Opera in NYC. 

Danielle on CARMEN:
"As much as I love singing Micaëla, and love her music, I have total mezzo-envy over the role of Carmen.  She's an incredible character in an even more incredible opera and I wish it was written for a soprano... there, I said it!  Although I can't complain, I get to sing some pretty amazing and fun roles myself.  

With how active Frasquita and Mercedes (Carmen's bffs) get to be with Carmen on stage, there are many opportunities for things to go hilariously wrong. One example occurred during a dance rehearsal at The MET for one of the big chorus scenes, when, as we gypsies were whipping our rehearsal skirts back and forth, my skirt spun around my waist, coming loose at the clasp and fell to the floor!

In a completely different dance rehearsal I moved a split second too late and was hit by a dancer coming down from a lift and was thrown across the stage, tripping over another dancer and landing flat on my face!  Nothing but my ego was bruised....don't worry (these things only seem to happen to me.

I've sung Micaëla a few times since Frasquita, but there aren't as many opportunities for things to go wrong during her scenes.  As the constant ray of light throughout what can otherwise be considered a rather dark story, at the end of the day everyone loves Micaëla!"

Dishing with the Diva:
Danielle is a wonderful colleague and brings a frisky and fun energy to every production. We came up with five questions which she graciously answered as an introduction to the life she leads on AND off the stage.

AUO:  1) Name a singer, living or dead, you wish you could sing with.
DP:     There are a few, of course, but off the top of my head I'd love to have sung with
           Mario del Monaco. That must have been thrilling!  
           I'd also have loved to sing with Domingo in his Boheme glory days in the 70's/80's.  
           I hope I get the chance to sing with Jonas Kauffmann - I think he's just an absolutely
           beautiful singer and stunning actor!!!

AUO:  2) What is the most played song on your smartphone right now?
DP:     I stream with Spotify and I can tell you that the most played collection is Stevie Wonder!
           LOVE Stevie Wonder!!!

AUO:  3) What was your last binge-watch on Netflix?
DP:     Hilariously, I watched the entire series of M*A*S*H.  I remember my parents being
           obsessed with it when I was a kid and I decided to watch it.  It was a really great show!!

AUO:  4) Boxers or briefs?
DP:     I prefer boxer briefs - haha!

AUO:  5) What is your favorite thing to do after a performance?
DP:     Well, I'm almost always starving so my favorite thing to do is eat!  I'm also very ready for    
           a drink at that point so I find either a well-made martini or a delicious glass of wine!

Any chance you get to see Danielle perform live would be a rewarding operatic experience.  And look for her on future episodes of Amped Up Opera! In the meantime, check out her website for some fantastic singing and more information about this talented diva!  www.daniellepastin.com.