SHOW NOTES: Bernard Uzan on CARMEN: Making Sexy Real, AUO Episode 4

Stage director, Bernard Uzan.

Stage director, Bernard Uzan.

I just finished editing the podcast for this episode. Bernard gives us so many definitives about this masterful opera- CARMEN.  The music of this opera completely sends me.  I think EVERY musical melody is a great TUNE; it simply stays in my head long after I leave the podium, or take off my headphones.

If you know CARMEN, or want to know CARMEN, listening to this podcast will give you insights and details about the opera that are inspiring.

At the end of the podcast I offer to provide some links for you to enjoy this opera online.  I STRONGLY recommend the recording I use throughout the podcast.  It is a very infamous recording from a 1964 performance featuring Maria Callas, Nicolai Gedda all lead by a masterful conductor- Georges Petre.  

The reason the recording is considered 'infamous' is that Carmen is a role certainly written, and usually performed by a mezzo-soprano. Callas was a very famous soprano who absolutely shined in some of the roles written with the highest notes for a woman to sing.  And, perhaps because of this reason, she never performed the role of Carmen on stage.  This is a studio recording.  I like it a lot, for many reasons driven by the conductor.  Petre delivers superb dramatic pacing, brilliant playing from the orchestra, inspired singing from the chorus and allows Callas to deliver another compelling performance, regardless of how low or high the role is.  And, the sound of tenor Nicolai Gedda is so satisfying. 

You can find this recording through iTunes by CLICKING HERE.  Or through Amazon by CLICKING HERE.

There is a very famous movie of this opera featuring Julia Migenes and Placido Domingo. This film is a great watch because the movie is filmed 'on location'.  It brings a different element to taking in the opera.  You can get it through Amazon by CLICKING HERE. If you're not interested in buying, I know this video, usually as a DVD, is a popular choice in the public library system of most cities.

I could really go on forever posting places to find glimpses of CARMEN.  By merely searching online you're going to find dozens and dozens of options.  And don't shy away from some of the opera's equally famous (and also infamous) adaptations, like CARMEN JONES from 1964 which jazzes up the piece, or even Beyoncé's HIP HOPERA production from 2001.

I clearly can't get enough of this score.  Happy Listening!