The music of LA BOHEME utterly sends me to the moon and back.  I'm so excited to conduct it every chance I get, and listening to a great recording can leave me smiling all the day.

I'm sure you can imagine it would be nearly impossible to highlight a complete opera in a 20- minute podcast.  There are just too many details I'd like to share.  So we've created this series as part of AMPED UP OPERA- Make it or Break it Moments.  My goal is to share insights with you about a few of the pinnacle moments in a specific opera.  Moments that make or break an opera for the listener.  Moments that require honesty from the entire musical team, that should glue you to the story.

I'm celebrating my wedding anniversary next week, so that important event, and the "other" holiday this month, have inspired me to focus on a moment of romance in one of my favorite operas.  The end of Act I of La Boheme, when Mimi knocks on Rodolfo's door, is going to be that moment.  When this is perfectly metered by the performers, this moment transcends the earthly plain. When its' bad, it's like bad sardines out of a can.

There are many excellent recordings of LA BOHEME, but my all-time favorite, at this moment.... is the 1951 DECCA recording featuring nearly perfect singing from breathtaking soprano Renata Tebaldi and the amazing tenor Giacinto Prandelli.  The orchestra is one of the world's best- the orchestra of the Academy of St. Cecelia in Rome.  All of the musical tidings are blessed by the conductor Alberto Erede who is a gifted musician.  I cannot more highly recommend this recording.  You can download it on iTunes by CLICKING HERE.  Or you can get it through Amazon by CLICKING HERE.

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